my dad is legitimately concerned about my social life and quite frankly so am I


Modest Mouse making all my dreams come true at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY.

I was there<3

dear God, 
send me someone to slow dance with
please and thank you <3

i dont want to go. 


Psst— don’t tell carolandpie that I told you, but when she was little she used to fall in ponds ALL the time.


i mean, i guess its better to be crying over a tv show rather than real life 

in dire need of an old film camera 

I was here.

dan having a job is basically the worst thing to happen to me

also we never finished sherlock how pathetic is that come on man

i’m so pathetic i still check the windows of every black pick up i drive past hoping it’ll be captain cute boy because obviously he’ll see me too, pull over to the side of the road & tell me to hop in cause we’re going to get some pancakes and live happily ever after

summer style: wined eyeliner and baggy tshirts because i give up on fashion 

daily struggle: deciding between listening to sweeney todd or phantom of the opera

2many dramatic thoughts

Sitting on the marinas baseball field bleachers with my best friend, watching fireworks from fire island across the bay»
perfect post Independence Day, in my opinion

I miss my best friend and I want pizza