I’m so bad at texting I forgot to text my best friend back for 5 days oops

  • It’s impressive to talk about shitty dicks, everyone knows that

  • Everyone.

  • It’s in the bible.

"You could be an underwear model! Wait no I don’t want you doing that" ~Mom

it’s 1am and im lonely


The woods: In which Carol and Dan smell skunk cabbage, attempt to befriend a deer, poke a snapping turtle in the butt, and accidentally geocache.

"Its pretty and stinky.. kinda like you" ~Dan comparing me to skunk cabbage hahaha

Tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversary. 
"How long have we been married?"
"Not long enough!"

Sunday afternoon.

listening to arctic monkeys makes me feel like i can just put some lipstick on and break boys hearts 

Oh the things I’d say to you.

*rants to dad about my period*
“Just thank God for tampons, honey”

"May I just say, you are beautiful! I saw you earlier but didn’t have the chance to say it. You’re just beautiful! Like- gorgeous!"~sams club employee :3 

Meanwhile I’m in an oversized flannel, barely any makeup, hair all over the place, with a child on my hip. I honestly thought he was talking to the baby. Caught me off guard, so sweet doe [:

today is the first day i’ve missed summer because i want to be able to not wear pants around the house without freezing my ass off

Recent photography of mine :] 
For Brendan

I basically only listen to the Frozen soundtrack and Front Porch Step now

addicted to Frozen and flannels